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Olivia Kyla 

     currently resides in Los Angeles, California fully pursuing her career as a singer, songwriter, print model, actress, and part time Nanny. Originally from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, she has moved several times throughout her life. Ending up in many areas of Atlanta Georgia, South Carolina, & eventually back to North Carolina.The move to Los Angeles was no easy ride but knowing it would be the most beneficial for her dream, she prayed over the idea, worked exceptionally hard for the funds to do so & chose to take that leap for her career path. Coming from an abusive home she experienced foster care, homelessness, times of living with friends of friends, multiple motels, & trailer parks as well as experiencing the bliss of middle class homes through her childhood & teen years. Those close to her describe Kyla as an old soul, despite her young age likely due to such great contrast of life experiences. While working hard to overcome them yet succeed in any dream she has every dreamt Olivia Kyla has poured this immense emotion into her music. Continually giving God the credit for every obstacle she has crossed and accomplishments made. 

Olivia Kyla's most recently released song, We'll Never Be Ok,  was her first to be released with ZERO auto-tune. Previously her songs contain a "slight amount" of auto-tune. Olivia wanted to truly be transparent with not only the emotions she was feeling when writing this heartbreak anthem but also with her true vocal tone and pitch capabilities. Recently announcing she will no longer be using auto-tune on any further records to continue this positive transparency with herself & her listeners.  Olivia Kyla is a firm representation and believer of pushing yourself beyond what's expected regardless of your current circumstances. 


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