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Olivia Kyla 

     a multifaceted artist based in Los Angeles, California, passionately pursues a career as a singer, actress, songwriter, model, and children's book author. Originating from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, her journey has woven through various locations such as Atlanta, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The decision to relocate to Los Angeles, though challenging, was a strategic move for her burgeoning career. Overcoming a troubling past of abuse, foster care, homelessness, and diverse living situations, Kyla's resilience shines through. 

With a profound depth that belies her youth, those close to her describe Kyla as an old soul, a testament to the stark contrasts she's experienced. Despite facing obstacles, she attributes her success to hard work and acknowledges the role of faith in overcoming challenges. 

Olivia Kyla's latest release, "We'll Never Be Ok," stands out for its authenticity. Released without auto-tune, the song not only captures the raw emotions of a heartbreak anthem but also showcases Kyla's genuine vocal tone and pitch capabilities. Her music serves as a poignant expression of her life's journey, with gratitude to God for every triumph and hurdle crossed.


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